Our Team

Thiery Laverdure

Creative Director

Thiery Laverdure is the CEO and Creative Director of  Space Studio. He founded the company in 2009 with the goal of building strong brands through an exceptional creative experience. As a visionary for Space Studio, Thiery aspires to create lasting impressions by forming strong relationships with its clients built on trust. He believes that every client should be treated with the utmost respect and every project delivered with the finest quality.  With this goal in mind, Thiery has a hand in every step of the process, from conceptualizing ideas, to creating meaningful designs, and coding robust websites and applications.

Thiery is very knowledgable in the areas of branding, design, development, and marketing and his experience and skill set help push the team to be its best.

James Laverdure

Business Development Manager

James brings years of customer service and management experience to our team. Primarily, he is responsible for establishing and implementing strategies for short-term and long-term growth, both for our clients and our company. As a sharp analytical thinker, James is also very savvy in the field of digital marketing. He has valuable experience leading marketing campaigns for our clients as well as our company. When James is not analyzing and problem-solving, he enjoys playing sports, staying fit, and creating music.

Brock Bearchell

Web Developer

Brock is one of our talented developers that focuses on building web apps, mobile apps, and websites for our clients. He has a knack for technology and takes pleasure in learning the various aspects of the tech industry. His experience includes a major in Software Development from Georgia Gwinnett College. While working with Brock, you can sense that his aim is to be a key player in leading our team’s culture and growth. When he’s not working on building apps and websites, Brock enjoys working under the hood of a car and watching his favorite teams the New York Mets and the New York Jets.

Our Extended Team

Many of our projects require a team with a diverse set of skills. We are prepared to meet the unique needs of our clients in many situations. In addition to our core team, we are connected to a great network of professionals including writers, illustrators, photographers, and videographers.