Reasons to Choose Google for Advertising

When it comes to online advertising, it’s hard not to consider Google a strong option, if not the best option. The Google network seems like it is built for unlimited reach. Users all over the world use Google to search for and access relevant content. Overlooking Google for your ad campaigns would be quite the mistake. Of course, it takes effort to succeed when advertising anywhere, even on Google. Nevertheless, opportunity always seems to remain vast with this search giant.

Here are 6 reasons why you as a marketer should consider Google for your advertising.

  1. Google is the most popular search engine on the planet. According to data from Statistia, Google has held more than 85% of market share for searches on desktop since 2010. For years, Google has proven to be reliable for searchers across the world and continues to dominate the market share of searches.
  2. Google search comes integrated in a myriad of Android mobile devices. This primarily makes Google the dominant search engine for android devices. The Android platform alone creates immense opportunity for marketers to reach searchers with their ads through Google. As users are searching for products, and/or services, marketers on Google have a unique advantage to reach them.
  3. Google has a large network of websites for displaying ads. Some of them are owned by Google such as Gmail, Shopping, YouTube, Finance, and Blogger to name a few.
  4. Flexible ad campaign options to accommodate your budget, target audience, location, device, and much more.
  5. Google collects user data that helps marketers to target the right audiences with ads. Google collects data such as location, search activity, interests, and more.
  6. Unlike TV advertising, with Google Adwords, you only pay per click when someone clicks on an ad that you display. With Adwords, you will have better conversion rates while keeping costs down.

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