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Mobilgeddon 2 is upon us…

Google has announced that the search engine giant will be launching yet another change to it’s algorithm that will rank mobile-friendly pages even higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). This change, which will be known as Mobilegeddon 2, will be much like the change that took place back in April of 2015. Yes, this move had marketers worried last year and now it’s back again.

Mobilgeddon was a significant change that Google made to its algorithm last year which would reward websites that were more mobile-friendly in the search ranks placing them higher than those that weren’t so mobile friendly. So if your website was considered mobile-unfriendly, you might as well look at Mobilgeddon as Google’s way of saying, “shame on you and do better.” It may seem unfair, but can you really blame Google? Think about it. In a world today where everything is going mobile, Mobilgeddon only seems reasonable. Google’s ultimate objective is to allow users of mobile devices to easily find the information they are searching for by giving easier access to the pages that are optimized for the best experience on mobile devices. Google wants to provide the best mobile experience for users, and in return they will continue to come back and use the Google search engine. So, if you’re not helping Google by optimizing your page for user experience, then you won’t get much love on the SERPS.

If your website has not yet been optimized to be mobile-friendly, now is the time more than ever to do so. You could be losing out big on website traffic just because of it. Use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool to check and see if your page is considered mobile friendly or not. Here are a few things that make a website more mobile-friendly:

  • Text is at a size that the reader does not have to zoom in to see it well
  • Links are easy to click on accurately
  • Optimizing websites for speed in order to decrease page load time
  • Sizing images proportionally so that they are not too big to take over the screen but yet big enough to see.

For more ideas, check out our blog on Keys to Mobile-Friendliness.

If you need help, reach out to us. We would love to assist you in taking the next steps towards optimizing your website in order to help you provide the best user experience possible for searchers. Also, if you have a comment or question, feel free to share below.

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