1. Discovery

    The first step in our process is discovering your needs. This is where our team will get to learn about you and the goals of your project. After our discovery session, we will immediately begin to build a plan for success.

  2. Strategy

    After our discovery session our team will put our heads together to calculate a solid strategy that we can execute to reach your goals. We carefully build a detailed plan to ensure that all of your requirements are met..

  3. Design

    With a well developed strategy, our design team will begin to create the visual components of your project. This is where you will begin to see actual design comps that we can tweak to your specifications.

  4. Development

    Once you are satisfied with the visual design of your project, our development team will then materialize all of the ideas and concepts that we built together during our strategy and design sessions. We pay high attention to detail to deliver code that utilizes best practices and standards.

  5. Testing

    After we have built your project to specifications we will recursively test your project for quality to ensure that everything functions properly and looks professional. We will also allow you to review your project and provide us with your feedback.

  6. Delivery

    Your project is released to the public for live interaction, and you are given all the necessary training needed to manage your project

  7. Maintenance & Marketing

    Once your project has been completed, our team will be here to serve and assist you as needed. Space Studio wants to partner with you to manage your content, continually developing new ideas, and effectively market your brand over various digital streams.