Adam Bursh

Adam Bursh is an independent musician. We worked with Adam Bursh to help develop his brand, design his website, and provide solutions from our web development team to interactively share his social media, events, and accept donations.

Adam Brush was a great client to work with. In our first discovery session we found out that he needed updates to his website for a conference that was coming soon. Adam Bursh had some key features that he wanted to see, one of these features was to be able display information about upcoming conferences and a form for visitors to register for conferences and updates.

The conferences were an important part of Adam Bursh’s brand. Adam had mentioned that he wanted users that visit his website “ … be able to learn more about the conferences and then be able to register”. We relayed this information back to our designers and development team and continued to work with Adam to make sure the end result was a product that we were proud of and that we had another successful and satisfied client.


Adam Bursh Home Page