Bed Head Media, is an award-winning, full-service creative studio specializing in commercial cinematography, short films and motion graphics. Our team was delighted to work with Bed Head Media to design and develop a stunning website for their brand. After meeting their team and really getting a chance to absorb some of their energy, our team began to envision a website that was as engaging and animated as this creative crew. One of our favorite features of the web design is the team section on the home page where the team members’ pictures change to their “Bed Head” image when you hover.

During our design sessions we strategized with this client to build concepts that were unconventional yet engaging. For their web design, we incorporated pops of color that would complement their vibrant, retro logo.  As with many of our projects, our thinking was to create a memorable digital experience that transforms the passing visitor into a raving fan.


Bed Head Media web design