Gymnaze is a company that is going to change the sports industry. We worked with Gymnaze to develop their brand and our team is currently working on their really cool web application. We would love to share more with you but its top secret. Stay tuned for updates!

What we can share with you however is our process on how we helped Gymnaze excel as sports company. The first step of our process is to setup a discovery session. Discovery sessions are when we sit down with the client to learn more about them and their project. These sessions can last any were from thirty minutes to one hour depending on the complexity of project requested. During our discovery sessions with Gymnaze we discovered that the app would be very detailed and specific to the athletes and coaches. The sessions helped us understand and get to know the the drive behind the company. Their goal is to help as many athletes and coaches and our team was excited to be part of the process.

After the discovery session we drafted a proposal and sent it to the 10th Roof. Once they had a chance to review it and sign it, the design process began with creating a wireframe and then begin designing the project. After the design portion is completed we move into the development side of the project. This is were the designs come to life and our clients get to interact with the project for the first time. This time is a great time for our team to get feedback and see how the project is truly going. For Gymanaze we are still in the process and are loving every minute of it and are excited to have the project completed with one hundred percent satisfaction.