Just People

“Just” People, Inc. is a private not for profit agency that provides a wide variety of support services to adults with developmental disabilities such as downs syndrome, autism, Aspergers, MMR and learning disabilities. We worked with Just People to redesign their website.

Our team had the great opportunity of working with Just People in the design and development of there website. Not only was this an exciting project for us, but also a way for us to assist adults with developmental disabilities in the process.

Our creative design team provided custom graphics that elevated the astatic appearance of the whole website. The feeling that we wanted to capture and deliver within the design of this project were those of happiness, excitement and hope. We accomplished this by incorporating a vibrant color scheme and compelling images. Our goal was to design the layout in such a way that it would be easy for users to navigate through the site. One way we made this possible was to incorporate a clean easy readable font for the site’s content.

The client expressed that it was important for their users to find their locations easily, so we developed a solution to integrate google maps into their website. This allowed the users to access location information about the organizations with the help of interactive maps.


Just People Home Page