Ms. Janes Cupcakes

Ms. Jane’s Cupcakes is a family business owned by Frantz and Cynthia Joseph. Truly Inspired by Cynthia’s late mother, Cynthia learned great recipes from her mom and implemented them into delicious small desserts. Ms. Jane made cakes from scratch for her own children and homemade icees to the neighborhood children such as Coconut (with real coconut), Banana (fresh), Pineapple and Strawberry flavors for years. She was affectionally known as “Ms. Jane” to all family and friends. To initiate their branding, our design team created a custom logo for Ms. Jane’s cupcakes.

Our design team worked closely with Frantz and Cynthia Joseph to design them a logo that truly captivated the brand of their company. Ms. Jane’s Cupcakes is so much more than making great tasting cupcakes. It is a company that is in Memory of Cynthia’s mom. It is a testimonial to Cynthia’s mom in the ways that she was able to bring happiness to the people she touched with the things she would bake. The Ms. Jane’s Cupcakes company is just another way that Cynthia’s moms story will live on. So our design team was very excited to design them a company logo that not only would help their company grow and have great brand in the process. But most importantly it would also help people remember a great person who was loved and cherished by so many people that she helped and touched with her baking.