Marriage Pressure Points is a ministry offering marriage help with free curriculum based on a proactive, loving and graceful approach to marital conflict. Their goal is to fight against the negative energy that can build up and viciously attack marriages, often leading to divorce. Pressure Points exists to offer a relatable resource that will proactively minister to the heart of marriages through films that address emotional issues, followed by honest and graceful discussions. Their hope is for couples to connect with the issues uncovered in their films and be prompted to seek the help they need to begin the healing process, both as individuals and as couples.

Space Studio worked with Marriage Pressure Points to build an interactive and engaging website for their organization. The website allows them to share relevant content with couples that may be experiencing conflict in their marriage. From start to finish, Space Studio branded the company, designed a great mobile-responsive website, and developed solutions that allowed users to give donations through the website and access downloadable resources.


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