Voix Magazine

Voix Magazine is an online magazine. They are the ‘voice’ of a collective group of countries bound by their cultural similarities and home in the Caribbean Sea. Voix strives to provide relevant and informative news and stories to reconnect and unite people of Caribbean heritage.

Our creative team worked on Branding, Strategy, Web Design and Web Development for Voix Magazine. Our creative team’s focus was to create and designing a strong brand that would help Voix Magazine to gain many more followers. One approach strategy was to create a new and fresh design that would grasp the people and audience they were going after.

One main thing that Voix communicated with us was that they needed a design on the home page that had specific sections that would showcase different aspects of the magazine to their viewers. In our design we focused on a creative ways where people could go to follow or like Voix Magazine. How wew did this was by adding social media links directly on their website For Voix Magazine this meant creating a like us on facebook section on the home page that would help them gain more followers in a faster time frame. We also added section to showcase Voix Magazine’s newest editions. This allowed the people that visited the website to always be up to date on the most modern and trending things that Voix Magazine is doing and has to offer.


Voix Magazine home page desktop design


Logo Design

Voix Magazine Logo